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diamond cut crew lacrosse

Empowering Girls Through Premier Lacrosse Training and Community


Welcome to Diamond Cut Crew Lacrosse (DCC Lacrosse), where we foster the growth of young athletes through a premier girls-only lacrosse program. Our experienced coaches and comprehensive training programs create a positive and inclusive environment, promoting skill development, teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship. Whether players aspire to collegiate play or seek personal improvement and fun, we tailor our approach to their needs. Join our community and experience the excitement, growth, and camaraderie that DCC Lacrosse offers. Together, we will cut through the competition, hone our skills, and forge lifelong memories. Welcome to the Diamond Cut Crew Lacrosse family!


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DCC San Diego

Experience elite girls lacrosse training in San Diego with DCC. Our program offers comprehensive year-round training, focusing on skill development, teamwork, and personal growth. Join our supportive community and take your game to the next level.

DCC East County

Elevate your lacrosse skills in East County with DCC. Our program provides opportunities for players of all levels to enhance their abilities and foster a love for the game. Join us for year-round training, competitive play, and a positive team environment.

DCC Kansas City

Join the exciting world of lacrosse in Kansas City with DCC. Our program welcomes players of all experience levels, offering top-notch coaching, skill development, and a strong team community. Discover the joy of lacrosse with us and unlock your full potential.

DCC  Youth

Explore the vibrant world of lacrosse right here in East County, San Diego, at Valhalla High School with the DCC Coal Miners Youth Program! Designed for youth ages K-8th grade, our program offers top-tier coaching, skill development, and a tight-knit team community. Join us and dive into the excitement of lacrosse while unlocking your full potential!



At Diamond Cut Crew Lacrosse, we are committed to helping players pursue their dreams of playing lacrosse at the collegiate level. Our program provides numerous opportunities and resources to support players in their journey towards collegiate play. We offer college exposure events, specialized training sessions, and guidance in the recruiting process. Our experienced coaches have extensive knowledge of the collegiate lacrosse landscape and are dedicated to helping players navigate the recruiting process, develop their skills, and showcase their abilities to college coaches. We foster a competitive and supportive environment that prepares players for the demands of collegiate play, both on and off the field. Join us at Diamond Cut Crew Lacrosse and let us help you unlock your potential and open doors to collegiate lacrosse opportunities.

OUR sponsors

OUR Program directors


Jose C. Soto

Franchise/SD  Director


Mack Drugg

East County Director


James Dailey

Kansas City Director

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Ben Upham

Youth Director

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"Joining Diamond Cut Crew Lacrosse was the best decision I made for my lacrosse journey. The coaches' knowledge and passion for the game are infectious, and their guidance in the recruiting process was invaluable. Through DCC, I had the opportunity to showcase my skills at college exposure events, which ultimately led to my commitment to play lacrosse at the collegiate level. I am forever grateful to the DCC family for helping me achieve my dreams." - Mia R

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