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Spring 2023

Our Spring program is designed to develop our youth into their very own premier season.

The Spring season is by far the most important season in regards to getting prepped for the upcoming high school years of play because it simulates the closest to HS play. We are very excited to be offering a full slated schedule and inclusive package to our middle school families. 

Our goal is to carry the success and dominance we procured on Elite , and now spread it amongst the remainder of the teams. We will continue to strive to be competitive on all levels, not just one or two. We hope to continue to keep this group of kiddos and new ones together up through middle school and as they venture into their perspective high schools. Very exciting !


This team will begin practices on Sunday, Feb 20th - May 13th ;

Days: Mondays & Wednesdays

Location: Gage Elementary

Time: 4:30pm-6:30pm (or sun dusk)



  • At all levels, we expect the following commitment from our athletes: 

  • Make every possible effort to attend practices 

  • Communicate regularly and respectfully with your coaches and administrators 

  • Treat coaches, teammates, umpires and opposing teams with respect 

  • Be appreciative of the support your family is providing on this journey 

  • Maintain academic integrity, keeping your grades as high as possible



  • We respectfully request that you commit to the following in order to best support your daughter: 

  • Make every possible effort to help your daughter attend practices and tournaments 

  • Provide any feedback to coaches and administrators in a respectful manner 

  • Communicate regularly with coaches and administrators about your daughter's goals and progress 

  • Provide only positive encouragement when on the sidelines at events 

  • Let this process belong to your daughter - allow her to take charge of this journey with your support and guidance 

  • Trust that we only have your daughter's best interests in mind - her success is our success



5/6 Team: $350

7/8 Team: $450

Payment Plans are available 

Two Different Age Bracket Registrations Available Below 

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