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Try-Out Clinic

Get ahead of the game and prepare yourself for tryouts. Our clinic showcases most of all the drills and courses you will most  likely be faced with in this years tryouts. What better source then your coaches themselves !


Dates: Jan 30th, Feb 1st, 6th,8th

Days: Mondays & Wednesdays

Location: Valhalla High School

Time: 7pm-9pm 



  • At all levels, we expect the following commitment from our athletes: 

  • Make every possible effort to attend practices 

  • Communicate regularly and respectfully with your coaches and administrators 

  • Treat coaches, teammates, umpires and opposing teams with respect 

  • Be appreciative of the support your family is providing on this journey 

  • Maintain academic integrity, keeping your grades as high as possible



  • We respectfully request that you commit to the following in order to best support your daughter: 

  • Make every possible effort to help your daughter attend practices and tournaments 

  • Provide any feedback to coaches and administrators in a respectful manner 

  • Communicate regularly with coaches and administrators about your daughter's goals and progress 

  • Provide only positive encouragement when on the sidelines at events 

  • Let this process belong to your daughter - allow her to take charge of this journey with your support and guidance 

  • Trust that we only have your daughter's best interests in mind - her success is our success

COST : $100

Payment Plans are available 

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