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Fall Indoor Lacrosse

Our Fall indoor session has to be one of our most favorite sessions of them all.

All ages and players are invited to register. The indoor game and training forces lacrosse players to really focus on their fundamentals, being force to play in tighter areas, at a faster space. This is a great start up for any new player or age, and an even greater conditioning platform for all returners at any level of competition. 

Depending on the break down of age, level, and size of registrants, quick 5 min games will be schedules at the end of every Saturday training session. 

Location: Hangar FC Training Facility

165 Denny Way, El Cajon, CA 92020


Thursdays: 4:30pm-5:30pm

Players will be split by age in their perspective courts. Thursdays will be use for high intense footwork, stick work interval training,.

Saturdays: 8:30am-10:30am

Players will again be split by Middle school and High School ages. Then we will run continuous 5v5's. These 5v5 warrior challenges are pivotal in the small game growth for big game play for all lacrosse players of all ages. These sessions build field IQ and awareness. These sessions are quick and intense. These sessions are a great great time. 

Dates :

September:  1,3,8,10,15,17,22,24,29  October: 1st


  • At all levels, we expect the following commitment from our athletes: 

  • Make every possible effort to attend practices 

  • Communicate regularly and respectfully with your coaches and administrators 

  • Treat coaches, teammates, umpires and opposing teams with respect 

  • Be appreciative of the support your family is providing on this journey 

  • Maintain academic integrity, keeping your grades as high as possible



  • We respectfully request that you commit to the following in order to best support your daughter: 

  • Make every possible effort to help your daughter attend practices and tournaments 

  • Provide any feedback to coaches and administrators in a respectful manner 

  • Communicate regularly with coaches and administrators about your daughter's goals and progress 

  • Provide only positive encouragement when on the sidelines at events 

  • Let this process belong to your daughter - allow her to take charge of this journey with your support and guidance 

  • Trust that we only have your daughter's best interests in mind - her success is our success


Fee: $295.00


Registration is final, no refunds will be given. If an event is canceled due to covid, credit will be given in the amount prorated for said event. 

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