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DCC Pathway Program 

Your Journey Starts Now

Measure your worth by the effort that you put in.


DCC provides athletes and families with a dedicated and passionate recruiting staff. Our coaching staff has placed many student athletes in college programs of all levels.

The recruiting process at DCC begins with a simple recruiting form, that is outlined with education and set expectations for our players and their families. These expectations are set around an open conversation with players about their abilities, gpa, financial aid and goals they wish to personally accomplish through their college experience.


Each Player at DCC has the availability of using NCSA Recruitment Platform through DCC Team Edition. This team partnership allows players to have an MVP level account through NCSA in cohort with DCC. This service is available to all players in the program, it simply takes a player inquiring about such service.Developed by Next College Student Athlete (NCSA), Team Edition is a trusted team-recruiting platform built specifically with high school and club coaches in mind. Team Edition makes it even easier to take part in the recruiting activity happening on the world’s largest, oldest and most-successful collegiate athletic recruiting network. 

Ultimately, your accountability to your craft, your effort, and the necessary processes is what will determine your ability to reach your goals and aspirations. DCC is the ride to your goals, what you do on that ride and with that ride will determine where you end up. 

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